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Social activities and learning opportunities all year round for over 1000 young people from our local area since 2003.

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Monday to Thursday, 7.00-10.00 and Friday 6.30-9.30 for 9 to 18 year olds - computer games, music, socialising.

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For hire, a modern space for up to 40 people, with disabled access, for meetings, classes, one off event or parties.




About Us


Milngavie Youth Centre was set up in 2003 as Milngavie Youth Café. Since then we have delivered support over 1,000 young people from our local area, by providing social and learning opportunities and activities all year round. This year we are leading on a Commonwealth Games Celebrate project called Milngavie Alive, bringing sporting and cultural events to Milngavie coinciding with the arrival of Queen’s baton in July 2014.

The Centre originates from a discussion one evening in the year 2000 at a meeting of The Rotary Club of Allander. Some concerns were raised about the number of young people who appeared to be gathering around in various locations in the area with no evidence that they had a central place to meet. Arising from this came an initiative to consult with the young people and to establish the locations within Milngavie and Bearsden, where they tended gather and why?

The Rotary Club commissioned YMCA Glasgow to carry out this mapping survey and when they reported their findings were submitted to East Dunbartonshire Council and to Strathclyde Police (remember them?)

The result was that Council offered to find a suitable location where a centre or cafe could be set up and there followed the formation of a community based management group and an informal partnership agreement comprising Rotary, Council and Police and the fourth and most important partner, the young people from the area. The rest, as they say is History.




Milngavie Youth Centre (formerly known as Milngavie Youth Cafe) is now a teenager, having been fully operational for more than 12 years. In the last few months change has been the key word on the minds of the management team and of course the young people, some of whom go back a long way in their involvement with the Centre.

Inevitably times people and priorities change, so, in 2010 the Management Group concluded that funding, development and relationships with the Private Sector and with local and central government agencies would be better served if the Youth Cafe (located within Mugdock Road Car Park) became a community operated and independent Charity.

Following lengthy consultation with solicitors The Milngavie Youth Centre was formally registered as a Charity in December 2012 and the Council transferred the premises under a long term lease on a nominal rent to the Trustees of the new Charity.

Since then a great deal has been happening but it has to be said that that all the activity has not been very visible because it has mainly been about establishing changes to the building, planning activities for the young people and securing funds to enable this to happen. The exterior of the building has been redecorated and new signage is in place.

Our Cycle Training initiative has benefited from the arrival and installation of a temporary container which has been located on spare ground alongside the Youth Centre This most important addition to our facilities has been gifted my Morrison Construction who visited the Centre in June and further gifted a large quantity of safety equipment for our cyclists.

We are delighted to have a continuing relationship with Milngavie in Bloom and this has been further enhanced by an agreement to provide storage space to MIB for some of their equipment and materials. We have also run a very successful pilot in conjunction with Douglas Academy to work with Milngavie in Bloom. Hopefully local residents will have seen evidence of the young people turning out to assist from time to time with the excellent work of Milngavie in Bloom.

Looking to the future we would like to add to our growing list of volunteers, so if you are interested to support the Youth Centre by assisting with cycle training, food preparation and training in food preparation and cooking, Working with the young people during our evening sessions or in any way that you feel would be appropriate and of value to the Youth Centre, please contact us.

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Venue Hire


Are you looking for a venue to accommodate a regular meeting, activity class, a one off event or a party? We have available for hire, a modern space for up to 40 people, with disabled access. Facilities include a superb kitchen and coffee bar and free Wi-Fi. Catering and entertainment may be available by special arrangement. Contact us with your enquiry and we will get right back to you.

  • A modern space to accommodate approx. 40 persons
  • A relaxed and friendly atmosphere
  • Easy access for the less able
  • Superb kitchen and coffee bar
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Catering and entertainment may be available by special arrangement.

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